Cibo A Regola D'Arte
Cibo A Regola D'Arte is an interactive foodie symposium featuring art, workshops, discussions, demonstrations, and tastings celebrating the art and culture of Italian food.  It takes place 3/14/2013-3/24/2013 in Milan, Italy.  Every day there will be a variety of multimedia exhibitions from  all over Italy dedicated to food, wine, and cultivating an appreciation of the artistry and talent of some of the most renowned chefs in Italy. 

The convention will feature live performances in which lovers of food can gain a greater understanding of how a chef's individual artistic and culinary skill translates into his or her choice of flavor combinations, the composition and creation of individual menus, etc.   Expect to taste the best food, sample the best wine, and be entertained by debates and masterclasses with chefs such as Carlo Cracco.  Cibo A Regola D'Arte is a journey into the culture of food, along with the discovery and rediscovery of flavors, tastes, smells, history, and tradition.