we created italian master chefs in order to provide a useful guide to places and food that people who appreciate gourmet food would enjoy as much as we do.  our mission is to bring healthy, great-tasting food & wine to as many people as possible while giving top-consideration to eco-friendly practices.  for this purpose, the personalities we've chosen to feature on our site are some of the most celebrated chefs in the industry.  we feature lifestyle and wellness personalities, wine experts, travel consultants, as well as extraordinary next-door neighbors who are continuously pushing the envelope in culinary innovation.  we hope our site has opened the door for you to connect with the power and joy of italian food and wine.
The Chefs and restaurants we select give top consideration to eco-friendly practices that promote sustainability and ethical sourcing of products that are environmentally sound and healthsustaining, all the while maintaining a genuine concern for community-driven charity partnerships. 
 Our chefs have created natural, preservative- and additive-free foods enhanced with spices, herbs and other natural ingredients emphasis is placed on where you eat as what you eat, while adhering to principles and policies that help make the world a better place.